The Beauty of Small Towns

Sometimes when we think of small towns, we think of open country filled with calmness, a bit of boredom and not much more. If you are relatively young, boredom might be the best and only way to describe it. Having the privilege of growing up in a small town before the age of 18, and moving to the city during my early 20’s, I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet and even the nothingness that comes over you when you’re city outside on that summer night with nothing planned for the night ahead. This is especially true on the weekends if you’re not the hardcore drinking type, which I definitely am not. I’ve thrown my fair share of shade at that small town feel, but honestly, I’ve learned to appreciate it and all its small glory. When I moved to a big city, I loved telling my friends that I was from Smallville, Kansas. I got a little upset when they didn’t get the reference.

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