Smile and Wave, boys!

It really amazes me how such a small gesture can change the outcome of your entire day. These days, everything is so fast paced. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere or has at least 100 things running through their mind all at once. This can make it seem like you’re closed off to the outside world. Not acknowledging anything or anyone as you scurry through all the people so you can get to your destination. Getting there is all that matters.

Maybe we don’t even notice. We stare at our phones as we walk through downtown without ever making contact with a single person we cross paths with. Sometimes we’re not even looking down on our phones. Maybe we’re so wrapped up in the new deal at the office or scheduling your day in your head as to what comes next on your to do list. We have this stare looking to the next destination we are trying to get to without ever noticing a single human being. We come off as super rude and kind of a dick, to say the least.


I understand totally. Time is one hell of an asset and none of it can be wasted. But I object to this notion! We need to stop and slow down. We need to acknowledge what is going on around us. We need to take in our surroundings. Why, you ask? Maybe you’re having a crazy week. Your stress level is through the roof. Well, there’s one small thing that you can do that will help you and someone else: be kind to someone.


The Madagascar Penguins had it right. “Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave!”

smile and wave, boys!


A gesture as small as smiling at someone can be HUGE!! Acknowledging those people around you with a smile, followed by an act of kindness, can really spread the love. If there’s anything I’ve learned about people, it’s that they are all going through something. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has gone through something unexpected and tragic. Life gets hard sometimes. A simple gesture like holding the door open for someone or asking them how their day is going, can really boost morale.


Being kind to other people can really help life the other person and you as well. Everybody wins. And then that’s when we get a “Pay it Forward” scenario.  Be nice to someone and let them know that there is still goodness in the world. I remember seeing a picture post with a quote that said:

“If you thing there are no positive people, be that one that is.”


As I’m writing this, I think about all the little things my niece does that are full of love and makes me smile. Whenever I visit my sister to see how she’s doing, I am greeted with the most adorableness my niece can offer. She’s smiling and giggling and as she gives me a hug, she’s telling me about her toys. It’s crazy how much happiness in such a small 3 year old girl. Some where along the way, we loose this sense of kindness in love as kids become adults. Let’s try and get some of that love back out into the world. Be that nice person today. Be the one that’s spreading kindness and let’s people know the good people in this world are out there and it’s not all negative. I can’t wait to here about the beautiful things you decide to do!